Big-Way Guidebook: Contents
  • What to do a a Big way Event
    • Before the Dirt Dive
    • During the Dirt Dive
    • During the Plane Ride
    • During the Jump
    • During the Post Dive
  • Breakoff
    • Philosophy
    • Definitions
    • Execution
    • Contingency Plans
    • Example & Summary
  • Exit Tips
    • Lead
    • Left Trail
    • Right Trail
    • What to do if...
  • Slot definitions and responsibilities-
    • tells you how to do the slot properly
    • how to know when you are out of position
    • how to correct your position
  • Jump Critique Checklist
'I read the big way guide. - Wow. I was really impressed and it was exactly what I wanted to brush up on.... it all came back to me. I liked the tracking plan, that was new to me. Looks safe!' - Blue McGowan

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