How to Build Sequential Skydives with DiveMaker

DiveMaker can be used to build sequential formations all in one file, along with the intermediate transitions.

The technique will generate a file that has each formation and each transition side by side, all printed on the same page. Take a look at a sample for 10-way sequential: Graphic(72dpi - same size as original) or download the DiveMaker File Shown to the right is the Snowflake - In-out block with the transition.

How To:

  1. Open a new file.
  2. Design the first formation.
  3. Select all the jumpers, copy, paste and then use Ctrl right arrow to move the jumpers to the right of the first formation.
  4. Reposition the group of jumpers on the right to show the transition. In the 10-way example, 3 sub groups are shown: two 4-way donuts and one 2-way compressed accordion.
  5. Reposition the window so that the first formation is in view. Select the jumpers in the first formation by dragging the mouse. Copy and paste, then use Ctrl down arrow to move the jumpers below the first formation.
  6. Now place the jumpers in the second formation. In the example, each group does a 180 turn and redocks.
  7. Now select the jumpers in the second formation. Copy, paste and move them to the right of the second formation.
  8. Reposition the jumpers to show the transition.
  9. Reposition the window to show the second formation. Select the jumpers in the second formation. Copy, paste and move below the second formation.
  10. Reposition the jumpers in the third formation. In the example, the jumpers are in a triple diamond formation.
  11. Continue to copy, paste and move each group of jumpers to show the transition and the next point.
  12. When printing, a resize of 1.5 or 2 will make the jumpers about the size of stampmen. Remember to increase the font size too. Also if you plan on scanning or photocopying the dive, use a thicker line.
Snowflake - In-Out