How to Show Vertical Transitions with DiveMaker

DiveMaker can be used to show vertical transitions. The print out or graphics will show jumpers in a dotted outline and in a series of positions.

The vertical trasition in the old block 4-way Danish Tee to Bipole is used as an example. Take a look at the graphic or download the DiveMaker File

How To:
  1. Open a new file.
  2. Design the Danish Tee. It's a 3-way compressed accordian with the fourth jumper docked as a two-way with the center jumper in the compressed accordian.
  3. Select all the jumpers, copy, paste and then use Ctrl down arrow to move the jumpers below the first formation.
  4. Select jumper 1(as shown in the graphic) and rotate -45.
  5. Select jumper 3 and rotate by 45.
  6. Select jumper 4 and copy and paste. Use Ctrl arrow keys to move it to a position to the left of jumper 2.
  7. Paste again. Use Ctrl arrow keys to move it to a position over the grip between jumpers 2 and 3.
  8. Paste again. Use Ctrl arrow keys to move it to a position in front of jumper 3's head.
  9. Paste once more and move it to the final slot position.
  10. Select jumpers 1, 2, 3 and the final number 4 jumper. Copy and paste. Use the Ctrl arrow keys to move the formation below the transition.
  11. Select jumper 1 and rotate -45.
  12. Select jumper 3 and rotate by 45.
  13. Adjust the final position of jumper 4 so that the bipole is formed.
  14. To show the vertical transition, go back to the transition formation and select the initial and intermediate positions of jumper 4. The outline is dotted and can be used to signify the vertical move.
  15. Print with those jumpers selected. The saved file will not saved the fact that these jumpers are selected. The next time you open the file you will have to select them again in order to illustrate the transition.
  16. When printing, a resize of 1.5 or 2 will make the jumpers about the size of stampmen. Remember to increase the font size too. Also if you plan on scanning or photocopying the dive, use a thicker line.
Danish Tee - Bipole
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